Biker Joe Warren
Sound Files!

A collection of Biker Joe Warren sound files from both albums can be found below. You will need the "Windows Media Player" installed on your system in order to listen to these clips.

Selections from Biker Joe Warren
Selections from Rides Again...
Click to hear Sound File I Wanna' Be A Gynecologist Click to hear Sound FileBlow Em' All Away
Click to hear Sound File Darlin' You Sure Give Good Head Click to hear Sound File Modern Sexuality
Click to hear Sound FileDon't Touch Me There Click to hear Sound File Whiskey and Greens
Click to hear Sound FileDingleberry Blues Click to hear Sound File White Bread and Bologna
Click to hear Sound File Milwaukee Thunder Click to hear Sound FileFag Bashin'
Click to hear Sound FileThe Ugliest Mutha Alive Click to hear Sound FileKiss You Where the Sun Don't Shine

Biker Joe Warren tracks: "I Wanna Be a Gynecologist," "Dingleberry Blues," "Hershey Highway," "Fuck You," "Mr. Squeeze," "Milwaukee Thunder," "Darlin' You Sure Give Good Head," "Low Down," "The Ugliest Mutha Alive," "Don't Touch Me There," "Red Wings," "Big Dick Dan," and "Devils Highway."

Musicians: Joe Warren-Guitar & Lead Vocals, Mark Wenner-Harmonica, Vernon Sneed-Guitar, Vinnie Santoro & Tim Lloyd-Drums, Nunzio "Fingerf**k" Porkapone-bass, Ron Holloway-Tenor Sax & Franklyn T. Boner-Trombone.

"Milwaukee Thunder" Musicians: Ken Massey-Guitar, Russell Kulp-Drums, Harold Davidson-Bass, Tony Alasha-Vocal Harmony & Guitars.

"Darlin' You Sure Give Good Head" Musicians: Tony Alasha-Vocal Harmony & Harold Davidson-Bass & Guitar. Produced by Biker Joe Warren & Engineered by Frank Kiss at Top Hat Studios.

Biker Joe Warren... Rides Again tracks: "Blow Em' All Away," "Land Of The Free," "Modern Sexuality," "Whiskey and Greens," "I'm The One," "Backstage Boogie," "White Bread and Bologna," "Fag Bashin'," and "Kiss You Where The Sun Don't Shine."

Musicians: Joe Warren-Guitar & Lead Vocals, Tony Alasha-Vocal Harmony & Guitars, Harold Davidson-Bass, Charles Huber-Sax and Harmonica, Russell Kulp-Drums, Georgie Jessup-Piano.

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